The sun

The sun The Sun is a daily tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom and Ireland, printed seven days a week with effect from February 2012, when The Sun on Sunday first launched. This launch filled the gap left behind by the News of the World which had not long closed following the phone hacking […]

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The Press Complaints Commission

The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) was a voluntary regulatory for British printed newspapers and magazines. The PCC closed on Monday 8 September 2014, and was replaced by the Independent press standards organization (IPSO), chaired by Sir Alan Moses. The PCC received extensive criticism for its lack of action in the word phone hacking scandal , […]

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censorship debate

Juilan brazer believes that the BBFC should censor sex and violence further, he thinks it effects peoples behavior. In 2009 John Beyer of Mediawatch Uk, said “The bbfc has become far too lax. In what it permits for public exhibition and there has been a gradual shift in what they regard as acceptable so that […]

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Media effects

Negative social media  makes people self-absorbed cyberbullying fake news insecurities   positive Information TV shows health crises conectivity mainstream How has regulatioon changed? “the principles are practice of censorship have continued to vary with the social, political and culturual conduct of the time” accessibility and Technology: Online films allows people to access films easily  so there’s no […]

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Media effects

Ways in which media can influce peoples view: priming: media¬† messages can help people re call other memories, knowlwgw or expirence agenda setting, controls the information we get, the goverment have the main control about what we see/ read framing: media framing it in a good or bad light, how culatavation: people begin to blur […]

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