Press Regulation – Social issues

The IPSO, Media theories and social issues related to regulation of the press

The leveson Enquiry

It was a public, judge-led inquiry set up by Prime Minister David Cameron to examine the culture, practice and ethics of the press.  It was established in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal at the now-defunct News of the World tabloid.  it took place in November 2011.  people involved; hugh grant, pieers morgan.

Newspaper: Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph,The Independent, The Times, The Sun,the Daily Express, the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mailbroadly agreed with Cameron’s position, while The Guardian declared that Miliband has taken a “principled position”, but that “great care” would be required for the legislation.


The outcome: IPSO shut down

What are Greenslade’s reasons for not wanting the IPSO to regulate the Guardian newspaper? What is he opposed to?

Isn’t effective, was the same as the pcc. Goverment turning blind eye to publishers, because the whole point is to communicate with the PCC.  He doesnt want to be caught dead with being assoiciated with the IPSO.  public perception. Whatever the reality, how can it persuade people that it is entirely free from interference from publishing paymasters, especially those responsible for having created the crisis that led to the Leveson inquiry. The Gurdian have the option to self regulate themselves, this is similar to studios cutting to get 12a. The PPC lead to the phone hacking scandle

Question: What is Hacked Off?

Hacked Off campaigns for a free and accountable press.

Question: When was Hacked Off established?



Question: What does Hacked Off do?









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