Genre Convention

)question requires you to select production and evaluate it in relation to a media concept.

list of concepts to which the question will relate to:

  • genre
  • narrative
  • representation
  • audience
  • media language

Purpose of media

Expections- the audience knows what to expect before watching the media

fit in with the era

icongraphy- audio/ visual elements

producers: makes products more markable

Hybrid: combines two or more genre eg. Rom-Com

Sub-genre: Original- strand niche

fictional films are usually categorized according to their setting, theme & mood.

  1. setting is the enviroment where the story and action takes place
  2. Theme refers to the issues or concepts that the film revolves around
  3. Mood is the emotional tone of the film

Genre conventions:

  • drug references
  •  editing: The use of different colours
  •  editing: Flashing images
  • Strange images


  •  “genre creates expectations that condition our responses. genre sets up hopes and promises and brings pleasure if these are fulfilled”
  • Different genre specify different ‘contracts’ to be negotiated between the text and the reader.
  • Introduction:
  • Inroduce your main production, title of production, what genre it is, the 60s era it is set in
  • Theories: simon Frith, preformance: where the artist or band is singing/ dancing/ playing an instrument)
  • Narrtive – where a story is being told, perhaps by actors rather than the artists themselves and there is oftern no lip sychronisation.
  • conceptual. where a story is told in a more poetic and metaphorical form, with the intention of evoking different emotions and interpretations.

Andrew goodwin: states there are 5 key aspects of a music video that we as the audience look out for.

  • Thought beats – seeing the sound in your head
  • Narrtive and performance
  • star image
  • relation of visuals to the song
  • Technical  aspects of the music video


  •  next include genre conventions, talk about the developed conventios and challenged. developed: flashing images, colours, lacks coherence, weird images, drug refrences
  • Challenged: mix of performance and narrative,







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