The Regulation of the uk press: An Introduction

UK Newspapers:

  • The sun
  • The independant
  • The I
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Mail on sunday
  • Worthing Herald
  • The Argos
  • Morning Star
  • The Times
  • The Guardian
  • The observer
  • Financial Times
  • The sunday people
  • Metro

Main Formats Of newspaper:

Tabloid– A newspaper which concrentrates on sensational and lurid news unsually heavily illsustrated- a short form or version; condensation synopsis summary, physically smaller than broadsheets.

Broadsheets- A newspaper with a large format, regarded as more serious and less sensationalist than tabloids.

Tabloids– soft newss, red, hyperbole

Broadsheets- black, hard news: readership, middle class, lanaguage differation

 Tabloids: The sun, daily star, the daily express, The daily mirror

Broadsheets: Telegraph, The guardian, The times, The observer

Left wing politics- Liberal, progressive values, multiculturalism and inclusiveness. In oppostion to inequality and hierarchy. Has been associated with civil rights, Feminsim, enviromentalism, and anti-war movement. Far left- wing polictics is commmunisim/maxism/An

Right wing Politics: Ukip, conservatives, nazism, BNP – The daily mail,  the sun, The daily telegraph, The times

Left wing: The socalist- The daily mirror-labour party, The guardian- green party, The observer-labour, The sunday people-labour, daily star-no political allegant.

Since 1953 there have been three different organasations:

  • Press council
  • press complaints commission
  • independant press standards organisation

whereas, The bFfC was introduced in 1912

Press council:

  • High standards of ethics in journalism
  • guidline booklets: Contempt of court(1967), Pricacy (1971) Defamation (1973)


  • Set up in 1991, succeeding the press council
  • sey up code of practice


  • establish in 2014

Similarities: prevent distrimination, Public contribution.






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