censorship debate

Juilan brazer believes that the BBFC should censor sex and violence further, he thinks it effects peoples behavior.

In 2009 John Beyer of Mediawatch Uk, said “The bbfc has become far too lax. In what it permits for public exhibition and there has been a gradual shift in what they regard as acceptable so that what would have been regarded as 18 a few years ago is now thought suitable for 15” I agree with this statement somewhat, as i think the bbfc focus on desensitization of films more to make the distributors happy so that they can make more money as it will be shown to a wider audience. Whereas the BBFCs main focus should be to rate a film on how suitable it is for a certain audience. For example the dark Knight has been complained about by the public for strong violence and this film is 12a certificate so therefore can be seen by children this could  be said to potentially influence them in a violent manner. However, factors such as illegal downloads and online streaming allows any audience to watch any film, so no matter what the BBFC rate a film doesnt matter because any audience can watch it anyway online. Also the BBFC are more focused on trying to make a film more suitably rated based on sex rather than violence, this could be seen as being un equal as 12a rated films could have more violence so then becomes unsuitable, regardless of sex.

“The media’s most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the inocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent and thats power. Because they control the minds of the masses”- Malcolm X- American Activst 1925-1965


  • cons of the needle theory  is that is focuses on stupid and passive people
  • only focuses on the lower class
  • it gives producers to control the minds of the masses



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