Wider relating social issues

BBFC The BBFC do all that they can to protect audiences by acknowledging principals of context, time and format. however the film the dark knight got the most complains at around 400. The complains were about the knifes being used in the film, and people are suggesting that the use of the knife crime in […]

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critical perspective

what is wrong with the hypodermic syringe theory? Audiences have different social backgrounds and life expirences so people will react to media differently Negative effect of my music video: Drug influnces is cool Active Theories Reception Theory: Reception theory is a version of reader response literary theory that emphasizes each particular reader’s reception or interpretation […]

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Genre Convention

)question requires you to select production and evaluate it in relation to a media concept. list of concepts to which the question will relate to: genre narrative representation audience media language Purpose of media Expections- the audience knows what to expect before watching the media fit in with the era icongraphy- audio/ visual elements producers: […]

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History Of Press Regulation

The newspaper press was freed from pre-publication censorship at the end of the seventeenth century, and from restrictive economic controls such as stamp duties by the 1860s. Criticisms of press standards are as old as the industry, but the competitive conditions of the mass press from the 1920s onwards led to recurrent complaints about the […]

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The Daily Mail

In 1887 the journalist Alfred Harmsworth formed a new publishing business The Daily Mail was the first newspaper in Britain that catered for a new reading public that needed something simpler, shorter and more readable than those that had previously been available. With the strong interest in the Boer War in 1899 sales went to […]

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